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    Anyone who loves anime knows the name Zero Two or 002. This is the name of an artificially created child from the hit anime series Darling in the Franxx. She is part of a Japanese science fiction, apocalyptic television series and the most prominent character. Loved for her infamous reputation as “Partner Killer” while aspiring to become fully human. Due to her massive popularity, it is possible for you to show your own love of this complex character if you choose to. You can do it with Zero Two hoodies, and they are so stylish you can wear them anywhere!

    Zero Two Hoodies

    The Iconic Character

    Anyone who has ever seen anime will likely recognize Zero Two instantly. She is a very eye-catching character with her long pink hair and red horns. She is a “badass” in the series, and also a very strong character in personality. She possesses powers that include superhuman abilities like rapid regeneration and increased strength. This is perhaps why she is such a confident and assertive character. She is rebellious by nature, questions the meaning of humanity, and longs to be more than what she is.

    Her overall complexity has led to her winning second place for Best Female Character at the Newtype Anime Awards 2017-2018. This is high praise for an anime character when there is so much competition among all the anime series that are out there.

    Zero Two Popularity

    Whether you are into cosplay or you simply love the way Zero Two looks, you should know that there are plenty of ways that her style is being shown by others. It is rumored that even Kim Kardashian West has been inspired by this character’s hairstyle.

    For cosplay, there are a variety of awesome costumes available. There are also headbands that have horns, wigs, and more. Each one is as unique as the character that we want to become. You can even have your own hair dyed pink if you want to truly become 002. We promise, if you have thought of doing it, there is likely someone, somewhere, that has already given it a try!

    Her popularity knows very little boundaries. She is sexy, beautiful, and appealing to fans on a multitude of levels. She also has a backstory that makes us feel sympathy while we love her strength. She is wild and untamed, dangerous, and extraordinary in every way. What it all boils down to though is that she is someone we can all appreciate, and for this reason, there are numerous ways that you can have a piece of her for yourself.

    The Flattering Merchandise

    Zero Two steals the scene of pretty much every way if she appears in it. With merchandise, you can steal a few scenes of your own! There are all types of merchandise available to anyone who loves her. You even have the option to choose a hoodie that you can wear wherever you go.

    Can you imagine how the heads will turn if you walk down the street wearing a very cool and stylish Zero Two hoodie? Are you ready to test it for yourself by wearing it to school, to hang out with your friends, relax around the house, and do all those other things that we do?