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    No matter who you are, you likely picture in your mind an image when you hear the term French maid. For some of us, it is an image of erotism. Others may picture in their mind an anime character or cosplay costumes. A young woman, with a daring outfit, available to be at the beck and call of her master. The truth is, the French maid costume style is sexy, graceful, and goes much deeper than that.

    The French Maid

    Originally, the term French maid comes from the Victorian era. She was most often a Lady’s maid or a senior servant that reported directly to the lady of the house. Her job was to be available to that Lady whether around the house or when traveling. She would help the lady dress, help her with makeup and much more. She was also, at times, a confidant that could be trusted by the lady of the house.

    The French maid was also believed to be more current on fashion trends, with the ability to help her Lady speak to others when traveling around Europe or other areas where they may encounter someone speaking French.

    Today’s Maid

    Somewhere along the way between the Victorian era and today, we developed an idea of a maid that is slightly different from those original maids. Instead of servicing the lady of the house, they are most often associated with being young and sexually appealing with a deeper side. The truth is, they can be young and sexy, but this is not all inclusive. Their outfits as black and white maid costumes that are short in length, yet frilly and ultra-feminine. However, their clothing may also be more conservative.

    Whereas those Victorian maids likely wore dresses that would extend to their knee or below, we now see them with shorter skirts. However, it is still a style that can show very little skin, since socks are often worn to cover the area from toe to knee, where the skirt takes over covering the rest of the body.

    French Maid Costume

    Anime and the French Maid

    Anyone who knows and loves anime may have a uniquely different idea of what the term French Maid is all about. It is strongly associated with Lolita style. The Lolita-style is based on a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, which was published in 1955. It was a novel based on a young girl who was strongly favored by the main character.

    In anime, Lolita is not a prepubescent girl, but instead is a woman that appears to be very young, as many Asians do. She may have a very sexual based appearance and attitude, but this isn’t necessary. She can also be very sweet and innocent. In the world of anime, it may also be that she is a maid with a darker, more sinister side.

    Perhaps it is the complexity of the costume that makes French maid costumes so popular. It is an outfit that can be worn for cosplay or Halloween parties. It can be worn for role playing, as well. You can use it as a costume that matches your personal style or personality-style.

    Are you sweet and innocent, daring, or just a little rowdy?