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    Wearing a French maids outfit is not only fun, but it can also add to your overall sex appeal and confidence from the very moment you dress up. These are fun and attractive costumes that can liven up anyone’s look with ease. They also make a comfortable fit for long days at festivals and other costume-wearing occasions.

    Maid outfits first came out to be for a purpose, the uniform of a home’s cleaning lady. With time, everything changes, which is why today the French maid outfit is now flashier, and doesn’t cover nearly as much skin as it used to. It is still today just as much of an amazing outfit as it used to be, just for different reasons.

    The French Maid

    The currently known French maid’s outfit is honestly too skimpy to have been worn by real French maids in the 19th century. However, the costume design isn’t too far off. The outfits were just a little less revealing, and maids wore more comfortable shoes than the stiletto heel of today’s French maid.

    During the late 19th century, can-can dancers and other performing young ladies were becoming more and more scantily clad. However, this brought about close downs of different performances that were caused by viewers believing the ladies were showing off too much skin. One way that was found to get around these censors just so happened to be the maid’s outfit.

    First the outfit was designed to show a little more skin, without showing so much that the production would be shut down for indecency. Audiences fell in love with the titillating show and sexy appeal of the young French women all dressed up. With this, the first version of the sexy French maid’s costume was born.

    French Maids Outfits

    Wearing the French Maid’s Costume

    Today the French maid costume is much different than the original version. It is a lot more revealing, showing most of the skin on one’s body without covering up very much at all. This makes the costume one of the sexiest and most risqué costumes that can be found today. When a young woman wears one of these costumes, she is sure to turn heads and get the attention of anyone around her.
    Most frequently, a woman may dress as a French maid in the bedroom for her significant other. This can just be to show off her more attractive assets, or as a costume for a role-playing scenario. However, when it is used, a maid costume in the bedroom is a sure way to spice up the bedroom fun with the person you care about.

    Some of the braver women out there may wear a French maid outfit out in public. Maybe she is going to a cosplay convention, or even just a small Halloween party. One thing is for sure, if she is wearing this amazingly sexy costume, she is sure to garner the attention from those around her.

    Will You Show Your Skin?

    French maids outfits are a great way to show off your features. If a woman puts one of these sexy costumes on, she is sure to keep the attention on herself and her body. This can be done in private and public, but the result is always going to be the attention on the wearer. A French maid costume is a sexy revamp on the older classic, the less revealing outfit worn by maids before.