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    If you love anime, you know already that there are a lot of different Darling in the Franxx characters that are almost as complex and intriguing as the show. It is an anime show that depicts a post-apocalyptic future, when humanity, near extension, is under a constant threat from giant Klaxosaurs. To combat them, the technologically advanced human race creates artificial children or “parasites” to defend humanity. These children are kept in isolation, but they still manage to impress us with their uniqueness.

    The Main Characters of Darling in the Franxx

    Futoshi is one of the “parasites”. He has a strong love of bread and does things at his own pace more often than not. He is also prudent and has the ability to be friends with virtually anyone. You will find him in the Genista where he is partnered with Kokoro.

    Kokoro is a very nice and gentle person that is favored by many of the boys on the team for her beauty. She is the “Madonna-like” character. She is also very quiet. However, when she does speak, she is always very considerate of others.
    Gorou is a very strong character and a pilot. Some of his best character traits are how easygoing he is. He is also equipped with a good head on his shoulders and therefore friends with Hiro and Ichigo.

    Hiro has been called the prodigy amongst all the children, but is also considered a failure as a pilot since he could not synchronize with his partner Naomi. This failure also results in him feeling unsure of where he belongs.

    Ichigo is an honor student and the leader of the “Children of Squad 13”. She is considerate of her team and cares deeply about Hiro.

    Ikuno is one of the calmest and collected personalities. She does not share her opinion often and rarely comes before others. She has a strong love of reading books.

    Zero Two is perhaps one of the most impressive characters in the series according to fans. She is a mysterious girl with red horns. Her alias is “002” and she is the pistil of the FranXX Strelizia.

    There are many other characters on the show as well as supporting cast. Each one is complex. Their pairing in boy/girl teams is vital to the story, especially since they know nothing of the world outside. They simply do all that they can to defend their race.

    Darling In The Franxx Characters

    About the Series

    Although much of the Darling in the Franxx series is fighting to save humanity, there are also a lot of very strong emotions between the characters. Love forms, marriages take place between partners, and even love children are created as proven by Ichigo and Goro. It is a story that can make true fans laugh, cry, and rejoice along with the characters that they view on screen.

    It is for this reason that so many people hope that it returns. Luckily, there are more episodes expected to come in the future, though we may all have to wait until the spring of 2021 to enjoy it. Until then, we will have to show our love of this series by watching past episodes. You can also find a lot of cool merchandise that depicts each of the Darling in the Franxx characters you enjoy watching.