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    The maid outfit has been a long-standing, roleplay costume. Ever since the costume first came out, men and women alike have seen the attraction and sexual appeal behind this amazing costume. It quickly climbed the ranks to become the most popular sexy costume, and is sure to remain in the top of that list for a long time to come. Their necessity is perhaps one of the main reasons we find them so sexy in today’s world.

    Maid Outfit

    Where Did the French Maid Outfit Originate?

    A maid is a person whose job it is to keep other persons’ homes clean and tidy. Back when maid’s first came about, they were typically women, and were usually younger in age. These young ladies quickly had a uniform created for them. This uniform was not nearly as showing of skin as the current maid outfit.
    Back in the early 19th century, it was not considered okay for a woman to show hardly any skin at all while in public. Therefore, the uniforms for maids were a lot less revealing. They were usually brown or blue in color, and fell to the floor. No cleavage was shown, and the arms were typically covered as well. The only thing similar to today's maid outfit was that maids typically wore aprons.

    Why Did the Maid Outfit Get More Revealing?

    In the late 19th century, performing women were wearing more and more revealing clothing as they stood on stage. The most popular women to perform, as well as the most seemingly confident in their appeal, were the can-can dancers. Even though they typically wore floor length dresses, they still showed a lot of leg. Every kick of the legs showed higher up on the thigh than most people were used to.

    The can-can women faced a problem, however. They kept being the cause for clubs to be shut down. This was because people had a problem with how much skin these and other performing women were showing. Thus, there was a solution that had to be found.

    Women started dressing up in costumes that were designed to be titillating and flirty, without showing so much skin that the production would be shut down. One of these costumes was the maid. Men fell in love with the idea of a young woman cleaning the home while wearing revealing and flirty clothing. Therefore, the maid outfit quickly became a staple for sexy costume wardrobes everywhere.

    Wearing A French Maid Outfit Today

    Today we don’t have to worry so much about getting in trouble for revealing clothing. For the most part, all you have to do is cover the most intimate body parts. You can show as much leg, cleavage, arm, and more that you desire. As this became more common, the maid outfit slowly developed into the sexy, overly revealing outfit that it is today.

    With this change in how revealing it is, it became slightly less common to see it worn out in public. However, you can still find this outfit almost everywhere. It’s just used more often in private now. Couples everywhere have taken to bringing this amazingly sexy outfit into the bedroom with them for when they want to be more intimate. It’s a great way to bring more spice into your bedroom lives and more passion to your relationship as a couple.

    The maid outfit started off as something created out of necessity. However, with time needs change. And with these changing needs, sometimes other things have to change as well. Just so happens that women’s clothing needed to be flirtier and sexier, and the maid outfit fit that bill. Thanks to the performing women of the late 19th century, we get to enjoy this sexy, beautiful outfit today.