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    For years, the maid costume has been a sexy staple for the bedroom. Many different couples use this amazing looking outfit to bring a little bit more fun for themselves and their significant other. The maid costume can just be used as a piece of lingerie, or if the couple is feeling a little more adventurous it can be used to perform roleplay in the bedroom.

    However, with that, the maid costume was originally used in a hugely different way than it is used today. It was very conservative and worn by ladies that were actually working for the lady of the house doing chores and running errands or other things.

    It had nothing to do with “sexy”. So, we have to ask. Do you think the maid costume is naughty or nice?

    Maid Costume

    The First Maid Costume

    The first maid costume wasn’t a costume at all. In fact, it was a working uniform. In the early 19th century, wealthy families started hiring the help of maids. Their job was to keep the home of these wealthy people clean. Rather than the families themselves being forced to clean their own homes; they would just hire someone to do it for them.

    As a general rule, men were not maids. Women would typically be the ones to perform this job. With this came the need for a uniform for these maids to wear. Maid uniforms were long dresses that covered most of the skin on the woman’s body. Not only were they conservative in style, but these dresses were also not black and white. They were usually brown or blue. The only thing that makes them alike to the current maid costume was the white aprons these women wore.

    Why Did Maid Outfits Change Style?

    By the late 19th centuries, new things were happening in the world of performers. Women were dressing in outfits that showed just a little more skin than the average person was used to. This caused performances and venues to be shut down, because it was considered indecent.

    It wasn’t so much that these women were wearing less clothing. In fact, the problem was largely the performance they were doing. Picture can-can dancers for example. These women were wearing floor length dresses that completely covered anything that could be considered offensive. However, when they kicked their legs in the air the dresses flew up, revealing some more leg than most were comfortable seeing.

    For this, and many other reasons, outfits had to change. The first maid costume was designed to not show more skin that appropriate, but be just flirtatious enough to garner attention from male spectators. It certainly did the trick. Men everywhere fell in love with these cute outfits.

    Maid Costumes Today

    A maid costume today is used more so in the bedroom than anywhere else. People everywhere bring the maid costume into the bedroom to add a little spice and excitement to the private time they spend with their partner. This makes them the perfect outfit to wear if you want to catch the attention of your significant other on your next private night in.

    The next time you’re trying to find a sexy way to dress up, try looking into the maid costume. Not only is it sexy and revealing, it’s also sure to make anyone who wears it look absolutely stunning. At the same time, the history behind this great outfit ensures that this stunning design will be popular for a very long time.