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    In the popular anime series Darling in the Franxx, there is a character named Zero Two. She is the main female character from the series, a human-klaxo sapien hybrid who has been reincarnated after death in a previous life. At the beginning of the series, she is a solitary person, used to being shunned due to the non-human blood flowing through her. However, meeting Hiro changed this for her.

    Learning more about the Darling in the Franxx 02 character is a great way to dig deeper into the series than casually watching could ever get you. This is an amazing series that deserves a good watch. However, the best part is the beautiful character named Zero Two.

    Darling in the Franxx 02


    Though Zero Two is a child throughout the series, she has already faced some drastic changes throughout her life. When she was young, she looked monster-like in appearance. She had red skin, and fanged teeth. If that wasn’t enough, the end of each finger had a long sharp nail, helping to complete the monster-like look.

    As she grew up, Zero Two’s appearance grew somewhat, but not all the way more human-like. First her complexion changed from red to a fair-skinned, prettier complexion. She grew tall, with an athletic build that was more slender in appearance. Her long pink hair grew down to her waist, and pretty pink banks fell straight down her forehead to her eyes.

    Who Was Zero Two?

    When she was younger, Zero Two had to learn to be on her own. This made her anti-social, almost feral even. She would eat with her hands, growl, and chase mice. These were all ways that she learned to live with very little social contact with others.

    Even through her lack of social interaction, Zero Two became a cheerful, happy and curious person. This came with the help of her partner Hiro, who taught her of such. He was also responsible for teaching her of love, until they are separated by the adults who wish to erase their memories.

    A Change Within

    Overall, Zero Two is seen as a bad guy with a big heart. Her every move after deciding she wants to become human seems “evil” but there is a reason behind it that is undeniable. In the real world, we sympathize with the young couple’s lost love because of the adults erasing memories.

    Although Hiro has no memory of Zero Two, she is determined to get back to her “darling”. She even mimics how Hiro refers to himself by calling herself “Boku” instead of using Atashi or Watashi.

    For the Love of 002

    This character has mass appeal. She is beauty and sex appeal. She is darkness and power. She appeals to everyone, both woman and man. Her story is all about loss and finding inner strength. Determination to get what she feels she is owed, what has been taken from her.

    In the cosplay world, people strive to imitate the type of character that she is. In other ways, people wear clothing and styles that show that they love everything about Darling in the Franxx 02. Are you someone who loves all that she is as well?