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    If you look at the cosplay world, maids are everywhere. Most often, the maids are young women who are there to do the mundane chores that others wish to avoid. This includes, cleaning, cooking, running errands, and anything else that their master requires of them. They can, in rare circumstances, be boys as well, as is the case with Chihiro Komiya, an elementary school student who works for his uncle, who also likes frilly girl clothing. Most maids are there simply to get the job done. Others are equipped with powers and may even be a little evil. In all cases, you must be a little daring if you want to put on a sexy maid outfit.


    The Sexy Maid

    Although maids were at one time serviceable instead of sexy, we still have a fascination with them. Based on the Victorian era, maids were available to be at the beck and call of women, or the lady of the house. Their job included cleaning up, running errands, traveling with, and even helping their lady look her best.
    As times changed, so did the way we looked at maids. Perhaps it is the idea of them being at their master’s beck and call that changed how we view them. Dresses became shorter, bodices became lower, and in the case of anime characters, the younger looking, the better we like them.

    Sexy Maid Outfit

    The idea of a maid has become more about sexiness rather than job. Seen often with the black and white, frilly maid uniform, today’s maids have long, knee high socks, black shoes, sometimes a choker, garters, and other things. The outfits are seductive, yet slightly conservative based on how much skin is revealed.


    Bringing Cosplay to Life

    We often see maids in the spotlight through anime. This gives us all the freedom to put on our costume for cosplay, Halloween, and even roleplaying circumstances. Many of these costumes are simplistic in their overall style. Others may be more risqué or themed with cat ears like worn by the kitty maid Faris Nyan Nyan. Some may have short sleeves, and wrist cuffs or long sleeves with plenty of frills. Bows, laces, and other types of adornments may also be on the costume, as you can see with many Zero Two maid outfits.

    In cosplay, people go to the extreme to achieve the style that they love. Many of the anime maids have dark hair, but some may also have pink or blue. The wearer can decide which maid they want to become when they put on their outfit. From there, they can also decide whether they want to be the sweet and innocent maid that simply does what her master wants her to do, or a maid with a slightly darker side.


    What Is Your Secret Power?

    Being a maid is often quite fun for the costume wearer. When you put on a sexy maid outfit, you can be as beautiful and daring as you want to be! You can be sweet and obedient, or you can feel confident that your strength and killer instincts are your greatest superpower. You can dress slightly more revealing like Kotori Minami or more conservative like Hotori Arashiyama with her longer maid’s uniform. Which look do you prefer?