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    Cosplay Costumes

    Cosplay Costumes - Cosplayo

    Cosplay Costumes Bring Your Favorite Characters to Life

    There is no denying it. There is a certain appeal to dressing up for Halloween or wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear. It allows you to enjoy a fantasy and pretend to be something you aren’t. With the cosplay costumes you will find at Cosplayo, you can even bring your favorite anime characters to life and not just for one night a year!

    Who do YOU want to be?

    Some people like the idea of being Akatsuki Uchiha Itachi or a part of Naruto’s world. Whether you love dressing up or simply want to show your favorite character, we got you! Our true-to-character cloak is made of 100% polyester and there are two style options to choose from-with or without a hoodie. Since we are dedicated to cosplay, we also have accessories that can further enhance your role play experience.

    When you want a costume that does more, we have that as well. With our Attack on Titan cape you can make a fashion statement that is purely you! It is a flannel or fleece throw-style blanket that doubles as some of the warmest cosplay outfits you could ever put on your body. With just a little effort, it becomes a cape, complete with hood.

    Anyone who wants more detailed apparel for their holiday or event may want to consider our KAKEGURUI YUMEKO JABAMI costume which comes with several accessories. It comes with everything you need to complete the outfit. With it, you get a jacket, shirt and tie, stockings, skirt, and even a necklace to get you started. Beyond that, you can choose the makeup and wigs to further enhance your wardrobe.

    If you love Pokemon the most, we have that covered as well. We offer a unisex jacket, hat, and gloves set that fits fans of all ages.